What I would like to impress upon you as young Malaysians, and indeed to all citizens of Malaysia, is that this nation of ours is not the creation of one man alone but the will of all the people. Malaysia owes its existence to our mutual beliefs and common destiny.

- YTM Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj


The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship (BTAR) is an undergraduate degree scholarship open to high potential, deserving students with a strong ambition to contribute to the development of Malaysia.

As the Scholarship focuses on holistic development and value-based excellence, recipients of the Scholarship will undergo a 2-year leadership programme to make a positive impact in their communities now and in the future.



  • Full sponsorship of tuition fees in any MQA-accredited public or private university for study in Malaysia.


  • Monthly living allowance.


  • Professional development allowance for Scholars’ self-improvement. This fund can also be utilized for community projects (see below). Stationery and book allowances are also provided.


  • To cover other forms of expenses such as laptop purchase, thesis cost, formal clothes or flights (for flights between East and West Malaysia only).



  • Scholars will receive mentorship from industry professionals as well as Tunku Scholars Alumni  who will provide self-development and career guidance.


  • Scholars will attend camps and workshops for 2 years to hone their leadership skills, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.


  • As part of their leadership development journey, all Scholars will be expected to create, execute and manage their own community projects under the guidance of the Foundation.


Malaysian citizen.

Age not exceeding 25 years on the closing date of the application.

The following categories are eligible to apply:

Students currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at a local public and private university with at least 2 years of studies remaining.

Students who have an offer letter to commence an undergraduate degree in the 2021 intake at a local private or public university.

Students who are applying to an undergraduate degree in the 2021 intake at a local private and public university.*

*NOTE: Successful applicants in this category will only be awarded a conditional scholarship offer until they have received an official offer of study from an MQA-recognized local university (public or private).


We encourage all Malaysians from all fields of study to apply as all applications will be reviewed individually and holistically by the YTAR team. Among the selection criteria that we look for in the selection process are:


01. Perseverance

  • The capability to overcome challenges and persevere in setting and achieving personal goals, regardless of setbacks.

02. Leadership

  • Having leadership experience (in clubs or societies) with a specific goal in mind to influence others and drive change in Malaysia within your own personal capacity (inside and outside of the university).

03. Passion to Learn

  • We celebrate students with eager minds and intellectual curiosity to explore their fields of study and beyond.

04. Academic Ability

Paired with a passion for self-development through active participation in extracurricular activities and leadership. We consider:


  • 3.00 CGPA or equivalent for Degree / STPM / Foundation / Matriculation / Diploma, OR
  • BBB for A-Level
  • NOTE: Driven students who do not meet the criteria above are still encouraged to apply.

05. Financial Need

Priority will be given to students from the following categories:


  • High need background with a family household income of less than RM 4,850.
  • First in the family to go to university.
  • Have overcome or are currently overcoming difficult life challenges.
  • Any other extenuating or unique circumstances, eg students with disabilities or students residing in rural areas of Malaysia.

We strongly encourage including a letter of recommendation by your teacher / headmaster / dean or any other figure of authority in your education institution to support your application.


Prepare Supporting Documents

Online Application

Virtual Assessment Center & Interview

Receive the Scholarship Offer Letter


The Foundation aims to be Malaysia’s leading scholarship programme that is inclusive of the B40 communities and focuses on values.

To date, we are proud to have Affin Hwang Asset Management and Yayasan Univeristi Multimedia (YUM) as our key sponsors and partners for the Tunku-Affin Hwang and Tunku-YUM Scholarships respectively.

With our partners’ belief and support in the Foundation’s vision,  we hope to empower more high-potential and deserving students to become the next generation of Tunku leaders.

Tunku-Affin Hwang Scholarship

The Tunku-Affin Hwang Scholarship is the result of our partnership with Affin Hwang Asset Management (AHAM), which began in 2020. Ever committed to help cultivate brilliant young leaders, AHAM has agreed to sponsor Razman Durhan as our 2020 Tunku-Affin Hwang Scholar. Click here to read the full testimonies from AHAM and Razman.

Details of the Tunku-Affin Hwang Scholarship:

  • Only available to selected undergraduate courses like Finance, Business Administration, Business Management and Law.*
  • All financial benefits as listed under the previous section.
  • Leadership development programme as listed under the previous section.
  • Potential networking and internship positions at the firm.

* A full list of the acceptable undergraduate courses is available in the application form.

Applications for the Tunku-Affin Hwang Scholarship are currently CLOSED for 2021.

Tunku-YUM Scholarship

The Tunku-YUM Scholarship was created to co-sponsor high-potential, high-need students pursuing their undergraduate studies at Multimedia University.

Tunku-YUM Scholarship is now open for applications in 2021. Please view our application form for more details.

Details of the Tunku-YUM Scholarship:

  • Only available to students or applicants of Multimedia University (MMU).
  • Available to any undergraduate courses.
  • Tuition fees are fully sponsored by YUM.
  • Students allowances are provided by YTAR.

Interested to partner with us? Pledge your support here:

** All sponsorships and donations will receive tax exemption as approved by LHDN Malaysia.


In the spirit of Tunku, we focus on honing the potential of the future leaders of Malaysia, regardless of colour or creed.