“Tunku Scholars” is the title given to recipients of the prestigious and exclusive Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship (BTAR). The scholarship sponsors its recipients in pursuing undergraduate studies at local institutions of higher learning. Selection of Tunku Scholars is based on academic excellence and outstanding leadership traits.

As Tunku Scholars, these students have the responsibility and obligation to continue striving for the highest level, both in academic and extra-curricular activities, respectively.

Both need to move in tandem to produce a strong and good individual personality of future leaders of the country. Tunku Scholars support the philosophy of the vision of YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman; follow in his footsteps in shaping Malaysia’s future, for the religion, race and nation by embracing the Tunku Scholars pledge as follows:

“With pride and honour,
We solemnly swear,
To serve the king and country with utmost loyalty,
To protect the land and sovereignty of Malaysia,
To uphold ideals of justice, liberty and unity,
To become the living heart and soul of Tunku Abdul Rahman,
As Tunku Scholars,
We shall be the change we want to see,
And so,
With remembrance for the past and with confidence in the future,
Under the providence of God,
We shall succeed.