Mission, Vision, Core Values

Tunku taught us that if only we are united, we can shape our own destiny and take on the world, and become a model of success for the rest of the world to emulate.

- Tun Datuk Seri Utama Dr. Lim Chong Eu, in Prince Among Men


Tunku, through his many writings before his passing, believed in the importance of truthfulness, clarity and precision, calm, modesty, and loyalty that makes up a good leader. To him, any great leader, by default, must also have honesty, integrity, courage, perseverance, sincerity and willingness to work.

From this, YTAR has extracted the core values upon which it operates and instils in its Tunku Scholars as follows.


To do something with utmost integrity and sincerity, even when no eye is watching, is the honour taken upon oneself that shapes his identity. It is a noble trait that is shown in everything a person does, characterised by something that is internal and inherent.


To lead the self and coach and guide others. The quality of leadership does not posit that one must be situated at the highest position – rather, leadership is the ability to nurture the best in others.


To serve others with the utmost empathy and understanding; to look beyond one’s own situation to be of service to others, is the quality of compassion that brings a leader down to earth to connect with others.


To see individuals as Malaysian first, regardless of gender, colour or creed; to honor our diversity and interdependence; and to acknowledge our role as global citizens connected by a shared humanity.


Memupuk Pemimpin untuk Negaraku

This phrase is literally translated as “Nurturing Leaders for My Country”. The word “Negaraku” is symbolic of the national anthem of Malaysia (also entitled “Negaraku”), of which its composition was led by Tunku himself. It was he who insisted that the song be based on the song “Terang Bulan”, which at the time was a popular love song in the 1940s. He insisted for the melody to be based on the song, almost as his own love song to the country of Malaysia.


Tunku Scholars are nurtured under YTAR to drive small and big changes in Malaysia within their own capacity while carrying the image of Tunku Abdul Rahman. They are instilled with a deep love for the country and the passion to serve its people, at the same time to pursue their highest dreams and achieve their greatest potential.


In the spirit of Tunku, we focus on honing the potential of the future leaders of Malaysia, regardless of colour or creed.