Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman (YTAR) established under an Act of Parliament No 43, 1966 is aimed at providing financial support to graduates at all levels, whether at undergraduate, master’s or doctorate.

This financial support is to ensure graduates concentrate fully on achieving on excellent academic results.

However, the idea to produce a credible leader, in which academic excellence alone is not sufficient.

Therefore, YTAR also provides programmes that have been identified to cultivate the criteria, attitude and personality of competent leaders through self-enrichment measures.

Both of YTAR’s objectives are channeled through financial support and programmes in order to deliver competent leaders for the nation.

Both goals Bytar channeled through financial support and programs for the delivery of painful National competent leaders.

We at YTAR welcome donations of any organisation, corporate bodies and private parties that support the philosophy and goals of the establishment of YTAR.