Choosing a destination is easier than finding the path that will get you there – given a map, almost anyone can navigate their way to get to where they want to go, but guidance makes the way forward clearer.

Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman provides this guidance through Closing The Gap, a pre-university access for students currently in secondary school. This programme is supported by Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman to help improve university access among secondary school students.

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Closing The Gap is a pre-university mentorship programme supported under YTAR to assist students to identify their passions, determine what they wish to pursue in life, and ultimately coach and guide them to reach that destination. Through a two to three year programme that begins towards the end of secondary school, Closing the Gap uses mentoring to help you set your university goals before you leave school – so you can target the most suitable programme, university and scholarship to reach your dreams.


In the spirit of Tunku, we focus on honing the potential of the future leaders of Malaysia, regardless of colour or creed.