The objective of YTAR’s establishment is to give financial support to potential graduates at all levels, whether at the undergraduate, master’s or doctorate levels.

This financial support allows graduates to devote their full attention to academic achievements.

However, the vision of producing credible future leaders needs more than just academic excellence.

Therefore, YTAR also provides programs that have been identified to nurture criteria, attitude and personality of credible leaders through self-enrichment.

The two objectives of YTAR channeled through financial support and detailed programs to produce credible leaders in line with the aspirations and traits of YTM Tunku. He was the first Prime Minister of Malaysia and also known as the Father of Independence.

He is always remembered as a towering leader who emphasized on excellence in education, with a good personality and commendable traits admired by friends and foes, strong self-esteem, critical thinking skills, analytical and intelligence, as well as a credible leader.

The following two (2) core YTAR programs supports the objectives of its establishment:

• Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship (BTAR)
• Tunku Abdul Rahman Study Endowment (BPTAR)