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Razman hails from a small town in Kinabatangan, Sabah and grew up in a big family of 8. His dream is to become an Economist, which led him to pursue Economics and Mathematics in University Malaysia Sabah. As the first in the family to pursue higher education, Razman was convicted to change the life trajectory of his community.

But the path has not been easy.

After his father fell ill, Razman became the main breadwinner of the family. To sustain his family’s livelihood and university expenses, Razman worked odd jobs as a construction crew and a dishwasher on weekends.

Moved by Razman’s story, Affin Hwang Asset Management (AHAM) wanted to empower Razman further. In 2020, AHAM partnered with us to sponsor Razman under the 2020 Tunku-Affin Hwang Scholarship. This enabled Razman to study and develop himself under our 2-year leadership development program unshackled by financial worries.

Since then, Razman flourished.

In a year, Razman raised his Grade Point Average from 2.8 to 3.44, became President in his university’s student council and is involved in KotaKita Sabah, a community-led urban planning initiative which aims to create an inclusive and walkable city.


“With AHAM’s gift, Razman is now one step closer to becoming a trailblazer in his community.”

“It is our honour to sponsor the 2020 Tunku-Affin Hwang Scholar, Razman. We have been humbled by his remarkable grit in the face of adversity and ambition to emerge as a nation builder.”

– Dato’ Teng Chee Wai, Managing Director at Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad

*Disclaimer: YTAR believes in empowering the voices of our Tunku Scholars and preserving the dignity of our Scholars. All stories are co-written with our Scholars and published with the consent of the Scholar.

You too can give a gift of a great future by sponsoring a Tunku Scholar

All of us are here today because of someone who believed in us. Now you can be that someone for a deserving young Malaysian too.

We are looking for individuals, corporations and institutions who are passionate about empowering more aspiring leaders like Razman through the gift of higher education.

Why should you sponsor a Tunku Scholar?

By sponsoring a Tunku Scholar, not only will you support a high-potential, deserving Scholar through university, you will also receive the following at no additional cost:

Full-Suite Scholarship Management

Organisations or individuals who want to give the gift of a great future by sponsoring a Tunku Scholar will not have to sustain the cost of managing it. We will provide end-to-end management of the scholarship from selection to progress reporting.

2- year Leadership Development Programme Management

The work of developing aspiring and deserving Malaysians does not stop at the scholarship award. This is what sets us apart. All sponsored Tunku Scholar will undergo a 2-year leadership development programme that focuses on mentorship to build employability, self-efficacy, resilience and leadership. Add at the end ” Click here to find out more about our programme”

Access to our Community of Tunku Scholars

Receive access and engagement opportunities to our community of 345 Scholars and Alumni – Build your internship and employment pipeline of young Malaysian leaders while forging enduring networks with our remarkable Scholars.

RM 30,000 supports a Tunku Scholar for a year

Pledge RM30,000 a year (to a maximum of 4 years) to change the trajectories of a Tunku Scholar and their community. This is equivalent to RM2,500 a month, or RM83.00 a day.

RM 30,000 a year will support a Scholar throughout their undergraduate degree at a local university. The scholarship includes all fees and necessary allowances to sustain a Scholar’s livelihood. For full details of the scholarship programme, read more at

We also accept donations of any amount to support our Tunku Scholars. For more information regarding donations, read below.


In return, you will receive:

Co-naming of Scholarship

In acknowledgment of the sponsorship, sponsors will also be honoured through the co-naming of the Scholar as Tunku-[Sponsor] Scholar which is associated with Tunku’s legacy and commitment to nurturing leaders.

*Only applicable to full Sponsors

Tax Exemption

As YTAR is a tax-exempted organisation, all donations and sponsorship made to the foundation will be tax-exempt. Click here for our tax exemption status.

Guarantee of an Excellent, Inclusive and Diverse Scholarship Management Process

At YTAR, we place a strong emphasis on holistic excellence, diversity and inclusion. We design our selection process to seek out high-potential candidates from diverse backgrounds, particularly those from high need communities.

Opportunity for Tunku Scholars to Join Your Organisation

We are committed to assist our donors to increase your talent pipeline through interest and strength matching within our network of Scholars.

Impact Report and Report cards

All donors will receive an impact report to learn more about what you have helped us accomplish. Full scholarship sponsors will receive individualised report cards.

Together we can create a great future for young Malaysians

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Discover Other Ways To Support Us

Want to support rising Malaysian leaders in other ways and explore other forms of partnership to shape a progressive Malaysia?


Here are 4 alternatives to support the work we do:


Donate any amount to support a Tunku Scholar’s higher education journey and receive tax exemptions as well as our annual report.

To impact more Tunku Scholars and stretch your Ringgit further, speak to us about donating to our scholarship endowment fund.


Our Scholars are passionate and pursue studies in diverse industries.

Speak to us about providing internship opportunities to our Scholars today and build your talent pipeline.

Not only will you be equipping our Scholars with key employment skills, your organisation will also be able to build strong relationships with our Scholars and a deeper understanding of their communities.


Collaborate with us to expand opportunities for our Scholars to prepare them to become Tunku Leaders.

We are looking for industry professionals to mentor our Tunku Scholars or volunteer with us to support our programmes.

Alternatively we are open to collaborations that would include (but not limited to), networking sessions, workshops, job shadowing, and company visits.


Closing The Gap is a 2-3 year mentoring and development programme that supports high-potential, under-represented high school students with the knowledge, skills and mindset to enter universities and achieve their fullest potential.

Since 2019, CTG has been powered by YTAR. Find out more about how you can support CTG via

Together we can empower our rising nation builders to
shape a better future for themselves and for us.


In the spirit of Tunku, we focus on honing the potential of the future leaders of Malaysia, regardless of colour or creed.