Partners and Funders


Our mission to empower Malaysians towards a progressive nation is only made possible by the continuous support of our corporate and university partners.

We are in search for partners who are interested in investing in the future of Malaysians as we further our vision to nurture leaders for our country.

Full-suite scholarship management services

YTAR will handle the management of scholarship partnership end-to-end, from recruitment to reporting on behalf of the partner organisation. Hence this is most ideal for smaller-sized CSR arms with limited resources but a strong desire to empower youth through scholarships.

Excellence, Inclusivity and Diversity

Our selection process upholds excellence, inclusivity, and diversity. We identify and develop  “diamonds in the rough”-type candidates from high-need backgrounds across Malaysia.

Co-naming of Scholarship

In acknowledgment of the co-sponsorship, Gold sponsors will also be honoured through the co-naming of the Scholar as Tunku-[Sponsor] Scholar which will be included in all promotional collaterals.

Leadership Development Programme Management

All Tunku Scholars will undergo a 2-year leadership development programme that will focus on mentorship to build employability, self-efficacy, resilience and leadership. YTAR bears all cost and training of the programme.

Access to Community

Partners will have access and engagement opportunities with all our Tunku Scholars, so they can build a deeper understanding of Scholars’ remarkable journeys while diversifying their talent pipeline, e.g. for internships and employment.

Tax Exemption

As YTAR is a tax-exempted organisation, all donations and sponsorship made to the foundation will be tax-exempt.


We look for corporate organisations and education institutions who are committed to driving direct and sustainable impact.

By being a partner, you can support us through the following options:


(RM83 will empower one Tunku Scholar for a day)

  • Sponsor a Tunku Scholar for 4 years of their university studies and develop them as a Tunku Leader under the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship.
  • Your contribution to transform the life trajectory of a high-potential, deserving scholar will be honoured through the co-naming of the scholarship after your organisation.

Read the testimonies from our current Tunku-Affin Hwang and Tunku-YUM Scholarship partners.


  • Donate to the Foundation to support all our programmes to empower more high-potential, deserving students in achieving their fullest potential.

Bank Details:

Bank Name CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad
Bank Branch Lucky Garden Bangsar
Bank Address 21, Lorong Ara Kiri 1, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Name Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman
Account No 8604946374


Kindly email the donation form along with the payment slip to us at We will be able to email your tax-exempt receipts within 4-6 weeks after the donation has been processed.

To be a YTAR partner or support us in other ways, pledge your support here:

** All sponsorships and donations will receive tax exemption as approved by LHDN Malaysia.


  • Empower a high-potential Scholar to be the leader of tomorrow.
  • Associate with and honour the esteemed name of Tunku Abdul Rahman by having a scholarship in his name (For example, the Tunku-Affin Hwang Scholarship).
  • Develop and grow high-potential students to be leaders through a rigorous mentoring and leadership training for 2 years by the Foundation.
  • Access to our Scholar and Alumni database to meet your networking, internship and employment needs.
  • Receive annual report of sponsored Scholar’s progress.
  • Gain the opportunity to collaborate with YTAR on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events or projects through our programme.


Affin Hwang Asset Management (AHAM)

In 2020, Affin Hwang Asset Management (AHAM) agreed to sponsor Razman bin Durhan, a promising young leader who is studying Economics and Mathematics in Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS).

“We strongly believe in YTAR’s mission to empower high-potential and deserving Malaysian students through the BTAR-AHAM scholarship collaboration.  What stood out the most for us about the scholarship was its emphasis on cultivating the younger generation to become leaders of their communities.

It is our honour to be a co-sponsor of our 2020 Tunku-Affin Hwang Scholar, Razman. We have been humbled by his remarkable grit in the face of adversity and ambition to emerge as a nation builder. Despite his challenging background, Razman seizes leadership opportunities and even emerged as the President of his university’s Student Representative Council (MPP). We look forward to supporting more young Malaysians like Razman to break down barriers and achieve their greatest potential.” 

– Dato’ Teng Chee Wai, Managing Director at Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad

“Menjadi pelopor kepada pemegang biasiswa BTAR-AHAM ini telah membawa diri saya kepada satu tahap yang benar-benar menguji sejauhmana saya mampu menjadi seorang pemimpin yang mempunyai kompetensi dan kebolehan untuk berbincang dengan kesemua pihak. Akan tetapi saya berbangga kerana nilai teras kepimpinan Tunku dan sokongan serta kepercayaan dari YTAR dan AHAM telah menjadi satu asas yang kukuh untuk saya terus berdiri dan melangkah menuju kegemilangan. Saya yakin dan percaya bahawa saya mampu untuk membawa perubahan yang signifikan kepada agama, bangsa, negara dan keluarga yang tercinta.”

– Razman bin Durhan, 2020 Tunku-Affin Hwang Scholar


Yayasan Universiti Multimedia (YUM) have graciously partner with us to co-sponsor a Tunku Scholar in Mayuren A/L Kanabathey, a law student at MMU who is determined to improve the lives of his family and the nation.

I am beyond grateful that YTAR and YUM have broken the typical stereotype of scholarships by recognizing the journey of multiple downfalls faced by students instead, as a core strength that they are searching for in every scholars. Thank you YTAR and YUM!

– Mayuren Kanabathey, 2020 Tunku-YUM Scholar


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In the spirit of Tunku, we focus on honing the potential of the future leaders of Malaysia, regardless of colour or creed.