Razman Durhan

01 Sep 2021 | Article

Razman hails from a small town in Kinabatangan, Sabah and grew up in a big family with 9 siblings. His dream is to become an Economist, which led him to pursue Mathematics with Economics at University Malaysia Sabah (UMS). As the first in the family to pursue higher education, Razman was convicted to change the life trajectory of his community.

In his pursuit to chase after his ambitious dreams, he encountered many challenges. To support his family financially and university expenses, Razman worked odd jobs as a construction worker, dishwasher and waiter. His first year of university was also challenging as he had to attend online classes, work on assignments and complete his exams using his Samsung J1 Ace phone.

Upon receiving the Tunku-Affin Hwang Scholarship, Razman has flourished with a raise in his Grade Point Average from 2.8 to 3.44 and serving the UMS Student Council as the President. As the President of the Student Council, Razman has spearheaded various initiatives to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of UMS students. He was also involved in YTAR’s initiative to bridge the digital divide caused by the COVID-19 pandemic through the distribution of laptops to high need students from UMS. This initiative was an opportunity for Razman to pay it forward as he was once left behind due to the lack of a proper device and access to the internet. He strongly believes that having access to a digital device and internet is extremely essential and hopes that the recipients will be able to participate in online classes.

In addition to serving the UMS community, Razman is passionate and committed to contributing to the development of Sabah. He is now involved with grass-root initiatives such as KotaKita Sabah, a community-led urban planning initiative that aims to create an inclusive and walkable city. Over the next few months, he will also be launching initiatives in Kinabatangan, Sabah to address issues related to period poverty and the lack of access to electricity. Upon graduating, Razman aspires to work in the economic sector to improve the quality of life of Sabahan’s through economic transformation.


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Razman is a 2020 Tunku-Affin Hwang Scholar who currently studies Economics and Mathematics at Universiti Malaysia Sabah.


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