Our Scholar Stories – Adib, 2020 Tunku Scholar

13 Apr 2021 | Article

It was my father’s last wish for me to give back to the community when I grow up. Fulfilling his last wish was not difficult for me as he had already started inculcating the spirit of giving back when I was in primary school.

My late father was a special education teacher in the primary school that I went to. After school or during my free time, I would go over to his class and he would ask me to support the students around my age with their reading and writing work. The exposure from such a young age to children with various learning disabilities helped me discover a passion for special education. Since then, I have been committed to championing inclusive education for all and ensure that no individual is left behind.

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree with the support of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship has brought me one step closer to becoming a special education researcher and lecturer. As part of the 2-year leadership development programme, I have been paired with a Mentor who is pursuing a career in the early childhood education field. The support and guidance from my Mentor, Ms. Ellysa who was a 2014 Tunku Scholar has helped me develop a better understanding of this field and potential pathways for me to achieve my ambitious career goals.

I am looking forward to fulfilling my father’s last wish and continuing his legacy by pursuing a career in the special education field. After completing my Master’s in Special Education, I hope to revitalize learning and create new avenues of accessibility for Malaysia’s special need community by serving as a lecturer and researcher. I believe that there is a need to cultivate the otherwise untapped potential in developing a disability-inclusive, accessible and sustainable Malaysia.




If you are an undergraduate degree student like Adib who is passionate to contribute to the development of a progressive Malaysia, apply now to be a 2021 Tunku Scholar. The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship empowers young Malaysians through a 2 year leadership development programme includes mentoring by the Alumni community, developmental opportunities such as workshops and camps as well as an opportunity to lead a community project.


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Muhammad Adib bin Abd Rahim is a 2020 Tunku Scholar who hails from a small town in Kedah. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education with Honors (Special Education) with a minor in Biology.


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