Our Scholar Stories – Flora, 2020 Tunku Scholar

05 Mar 2021 | Article

Coming from a small town in Seremban, with an unemployed and sickly single mother, I was determined to be the first in my family to go to university. By furthering my studies, I believe that I can empower myself with the knowledge and skills to break the poverty cycle.

I knew that fulfilling this dream would require me to walk a path that no one else in my family has taken before. But I wanted to set a precedent and encourage others in my community to believe that higher education is a dream that they can aspire to.

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University days were tough – from not having enough money to pay entrance fees to not being able to afford meals. Although I had taken up babysitting and photography jobs during my semester breaks, I was still unable to cover the tuition fees and living cost. Since securing the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship to read law at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), my financial burden has been greatly eased. More importantly, the Scholarship’s leadership training has equipped me with the skills, knowledge and values to emerge as a lawyer who is committed to serve the people.

Growing up in a marginalised community forced me to witness marital abandonment and disputes where the women in the marriage were not aware of their legal rights. Currently, I do my part by actively involving myself in community work, especially targeting the B40 community. Recently, I coordinated a donation drive to provide essential items to families who have been struggling with the pandemic. I look forward to continuously contributing towards uplifting the B40 community beyond providing them with the basic necessities.

After I graduate, I hope to organise outreach initiatives to educate marginalised communities about their rights and liberties. In the long run, I aspire to start my own law firm to provide affordable legal assistance for the underprivileged and deliver access to justice for all!




If you are a first generation university student like Flora who is determined to beat the odds, apply now to be a 2021 Tunku Scholar. This Scholarship empowers first generation university students by equipping them with the ambition, skills, values and mindset needed to lead themselves and their communities.


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Flora binti Haron is a 2020 Tunku Scholar who is pursuing a degree in Law at UiTM. She is an all-rounder with involvement in performing arts, community outreach initiatives, student leadership bodies and sports.


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