Our Scholar Stories – Wu Shern, 2019 Tunku Scholar

15 Mar 2021 | Article

Our 2019 Tunku Scholar, Wu Shern, believes in the power of storytelling. For his Tunku Scholar community project, Wu Shern has chosen to film a documentary to share the story of a Taiping Hero, Mr. Stephen Chow from Persatuan Perkhidmatan Komuniti Taiping (also known as ESDA).

The community centre founded by Mr. Stephen focuses on handcrafts, laundry and recycling, therapy sessions to assist children with severe physical disabilities as well as a learning centre for the marginalized children. In addition to the documentary, Wu Shern and his team also collected monetary donations of RM524 and donated 30 hand sanitizers as well as recyclable items to ESDA.

Watch the full documentary at

Wu Shern believes that each individual has the potential to make a difference in their community and beyond. He hopes that this documentary will inspire more Malaysians to give back to their community whether it may be in the form of volunteering, providing financial assistance, donating goods, advocacy or even introducing policy change.

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As part of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship, our Tunku Scholars will embark on a 2-year leadership development journey. The programme is designed to equip Scholars with the skills, mindsets and values to make a positive impact in their communities now and in the future. Scholars will receive personal mentoring, access to developmental opportunities such as workshops and camps as well as an opportunity to lead their own community project.

Through the community project Scholars will develop the necessary skills needed to lead change in their communities now and in the future. Scholars will also receive support throughout the execution which includes training and resources needed to ensure the success of their initiatives.

If you have a strong ambition to emerge as a nation builder and are looking for a platform to ignite your leadership potential, apply now for the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship at

If you would like to support ESDA through monetary donations or in-kind support, visit their Facebook page for more information. 


Disclaimer: YTAR believes in empowering the voices of our Tunku Scholars and preserving the dignity of our Scholars. All stories are co-written with our Scholars and published with their consent.


Story about:

Toh Wu Shern is our 2019 Tunku Scholar who is currently studying physiotherapy at University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).


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