Undergraduate Scholarship

What I would like to impress upon you as young Malaysians, and indeed to all citizens of Malaysia, is that this nation of ours is not the creation of one man alone but the will of all the people. Malaysia owes its existence to our mutual beliefs and common destiny.

YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj


The scholarship is open to all Malaysians, focusing especially on high-potential students with a strong financial need to cover the expenses of the university’s tuition fees and living expenses during the course of the study.

The BTAR Scholarship provides:

  • Full sponsorship of university fees in any MQA-accredited public or private university for study in Malaysia
  • Access to a 2 year leadership and professional development program
  • A monthly living allowance
  • Access to a development fund that our scholars can use for self-development or to fund community projects
  • Access to a network of mentors among our Tunku Scholar Alumni
  • Stationery allowance (once per year)
  • Textbook allowance (once per year)
  • Thesis allowance
  • Flight allowance (for flights between East and West Malaysia only)
  • Laptop allowance
  • Formal Clothing Allowance


    We encourage all Malaysians from all fields of study to apply as all applications will be reviewed individually and holistically by the YTAR team. Among the selection criteria that we look for in the selection process are:



  • The capability to overcome challenges and persevere in setting and achieving personal goals, regardless of setbacks.


Academic ability

Paired with a passion for self-development through active participation in extracurricular activities and leadership. We consider:

  • 3.00 CGPA or equivalent for STPM / Foundation / Matriculation / Diploma, OR
  • BBB for A-Level
  • Note: Please enclose your SPM results in your application for our reference
  • Note: Students who do not meet this academic requirement but are highly active in extracurricular activities and leadership are still strongly encouraged to apply


Financial need

Priority will be given to the following:

  • Household income of RM4,000 or less
  • First in the family to go to university
  • Candidates who have had to overcome significant challenges



  • Having leadership experience (in clubs or societies) with a specific goal in mind to influence others and drive change in Malaysia within your own personal capacity (inside and outside of the university).


Passion to learn

  • We celebrate students with eager minds and intellectual curiosity to explore their fields of study and beyond.

We strongly encourage including a letter of recommendation by your teacher / headmaster / dean or any other figure of authority in your education institution to support your application.


Prepare supporting documents

(identification, transcripts/exam results, certificates, letters of recommendation)

Apply online through our website

Online Application - Essay Assessment

Assessment Centre and Interview

Awarding letter of the Scholarship


In the spirit of Tunku, we focus on honing the potential of the future leaders of Malaysia, regardless of colour or creed.