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Choosing a destination is hard. 
Getting there is even harder.

Given a map, almost anyone can navigate their way but guidance makes it easier.

Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman provides this guidance through Closing The Gap (CTG), a higher education access programme for students currently in secondary school. This programme is supported by Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman to help improve university access among secondary school students.


Our History

​Closing The Gap (CTG) was an independent initiative founded in 2016 and supported under YTAR since 2019  to assist students to identify their passions, determine what they wish to pursue in life, and ultimately coach and guide them to reach that destination. 

Through a two to three year programme that begins towards the end of secondary school, Closing the Gap uses mentoring to help you set your university goals before you leave school – so you can target the most suitable programme, university and scholarship to reach your dreams.

Our Scholars' Journey

Our Programmes

We run two programmes in our mission to support upper secondary students in achieving their higher education goals: The CTG Core Programme and the ReachUni Programme.

   CTG Core   

A 2-year physical programme for Form 5 and Lower 6 students in Klang Valley

A 1-year virtual programme for Form 4, Form 5 and Lower 6 students outside Klang Valley


Our Scholars' Journey

Phase 1

Who Am I?

Scholars begin their journeys in Form 5 or Form 6. They gain a clear understanding of their passion, skills, interests, and needs in order to prepare for the next phase.

Phase 2

Where Am I Going?

Scholars understand the pathways and opportunities available to them as they begin identifying potential career paths based on their passion, skills, and interests.

Phase 3

How Do I Get There?

Scholars learn the ins and outs of applying for scholarships and what is required to make successful applications. Scholars may also receive internship or work opportunities during this phase while waiting for results.

Phase 4

Future Proof

By this point, Scholars would have identified the courses and universities they want to apply to, and have a plan for how they will finance their studies.

Through our programmes, students will gain skills, knowledge and mindsets to pursue higher education and achieve their ambitious goals. We do this through: 


Scholars are paired with working professionals and graduates, who inspire and guide them through the transition into university. They work closely with their Mentors to identify their personal goals and interests, as well as work on scholarship and higher education applications.

for more information on participant requirements.

Partner With Us

Impact of
Closing The Gap



Closing The Gap Scholars since 2017



Closing The Gap Scholars in higher education*



In top 200 global universities*

~ RM16 million

Total financial aid unlocked by Closing The Gap Scholars as of September 2022

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Sunway University.webp
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    Scholar Destinations and Scholarships Unlocked    

Our CTG Scholars

Our Closing The Gap Scholars and Mentors

Hear from our past Closing The Gap Scholars and Mentors. Here's what they have to say about the programme!

I'm grateful for my CTG Mentor Rachel as she guided me throughout my journey in education. From knowing nothing about what’s after SPM, lacking confidence, and hardly saying a sentence in English, I have now completed my degree in Advertising Design with a full scholarship and I am now working in a job that I am passionate about.



2017 Closing The Gap Scholar 

Through the CTG programme, I was paired with a Mentor who reassured me that my dream to pursue my education in an Ivy League was not a far fetched dream. Dhruva, my Mentor provided personalised guidance with my university and scholarship applications and connected me with Alumni from the respective institutions. With the support of CTG, I secured offers for 10 top universities including Stanford University.



2017 Closing The Gap Scholar 

The ReachUni virtual programme provided me with exposure to higher education pathways and equipped me the skills to apply for scholarships and institutions. Through the programme I got to attend workshops, a residential camp and was paired with a Mentor who provided personalised support until which helped me secure a full scholarship to study at the University of Melbourne.



2022 ReachUni Scholar 

I'm grateful for my CTG Mentor Rachel as she guided me throughout my journey in education. From knowing nothing about what’s after SPM, lacking confidence, and hardly saying a sentence in English, I have now completed my degree in Advertising Design with a full scholarship and I am now working in a job that I am passionate about.



2017 Closing The Gap Mentor 

The most rewarding part about the CTG journey was when my Mentee secured scholarships to study at Epsom College and Stanford University. I think a big part of CTG is about exposure and showing student's what's possible. For some of them, it's about getting them out of their comfort zone that broadens their perspective. For others, it's about getting them to think bigger about their education and dreams.  

DSC_0089 (1).JPG


2017 Closing The Gap Mentor 

CTG was a learning experience for me as much as it was for my Mentee. The experience was a throwback to a time when I myself had to forge a path for my plans after SPM. I am honoured to be able to support my Mentee and be the person I wished I had when I was younger.



2018 Closing The Gap Mentor 

Post-SPM Resource Pack 

The Post-SPM Resource Pack contains advice, information, and opportunities for secondary school students to engage in higher education. The Resource Pack is available in 4 languages - English, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese and Tamil.

Help Us Close The Gap.
Partner With Us.

Together, we can reduce barriers and support students from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue higher education.


With Us

Mentor with us as part of our Core programme. We are always looking for volunteers to support our programme on a one-off basis. 

Sponsor A Programme

Sponsor a cohort of students to participate in our higher education access programme. Alternatively, donate any amount to our Higher Education Bridging Fund to support our Scholars’ journey towards higher education. 

With Us

Partner with us to provide opportunities such as internships, workshops or shadowing stints to enrich our Scholars’ horizons.

Should you and/or your organisation be interested to support our Closing The Gap Scholars, you may speak to us here:

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