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At the Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation, we defy the conventional belief that youth are leaders of tomorrow; we firmly believe they are leaders of today.

Investing in Leaders

Investing in Leaders: Beyond Just A Scholarship

The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship goes beyond mere financial support; it is a holistic experience for our Tunku Scholars. In addition to receiving vital financial assistance for their higher education, Tunku Scholars undergo a transformative 2-year leadership development programme which aims to equip them with the skills, and knowledge to shape better futures—for themselves, their communities, and Malaysia. 

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A Catalyst for Change:
The Community Project

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At the core of our leadership development program is the Community Project — an opportunity for Tunku Scholars to kickstart or expand a community initiative they are passionate about. 

It's a chance for our Tunku Scholars to cultivate a service-oriented mindset and take the lead in making positive changes in their communities—a journey that significantly contributes to their personal and professional development.

Tunku Scholars receive assistance in implementing their community projects through a series of workshops, personalised mentorship, and a substantial RM 5,000 grant. 

These resources not only empower them to envision but also to execute their initiatives with precision and purpose, ensuring a lasting and meaningful impact.

The Community Projects

Discover the various community initiatives spearheaded by our Tunku Scholars and witness the diverse array of projects addressing community needs.

From championing education and workers' rights to advocating for environmental conservation and beyond, our Tunku Scholars are actively propelling positive change across various domains.

Use the menu below to jump to a Community Project you would like to read about.


Building A Sustainable Future For Orang Asli

by Tan Kheng Hong, Michellejeet Kaur, Shobana A/P M.Ganesunn, Stephanie William Mogindol
Cohort: Tunku Scholar 2021

Our Tunku Scholars, Kheng Hong, Michellejeet, Shobana, and Stephanie, collaborated with the Global Peace Foundation, to execute a sustainable outreach programme for multiple Orang Asli villages in Pahang.

Their project focused on clearing farms to implement Syntropic Agroforestry for sustainable farming, constructing a dehydrator Green House, and improving chicken farming practices. In their commitment to provide access to clean water, they successfully built a solar-powered water pump and filter system, installed pipes to deliver water to local homes, and upgraded existing restroom facilities. The Tunku Scholars also renovated mobile schools to provide a conducive learning environment for the Orang Asli children. Their multifaceted project aimed to shape a more sustainable and promising future for the Orang Asli community.

Building a Sustainable Future for Orang Asli


Project JomRescue: Coral Restoration

by Kaviarasan Chandran, Ong Yong Xun
Cohort: Tunku Scholar 2021

Tunku Scholars Zero and Kaviarasan collaborated with Coralku, a non-profit organisation dedicated to coral restoration and conservation, to restore coral reefs in Lang Tengah Island, Terengganu.

Project JomRescue aimed to rejuvenate the vibrant coral ecosystems beneath the island's crystal-clear waters. To kickstart this rescue mission, both Scholars completed an intensive Open Water Diving course, earning PADI licenses. With their certifications in hand, they collected damaged coral fragments from the ocean floor and attached them to star-shaped metal frames, breathing new life into the coral beds. Their efforts resulted in the successful planting of approximately 800 corals on 30 coral frames, each frame nurturing around 28 precious corals. The long-term management and expansion of these corals will now be overseen by Coralku, ensuring a lasting legacy of coral restoration on Lang Tengah Island.

Project JomRescue


Ladang Mini ISB at Universiti Malaya

by Aisyah Maisarah
Cohort: Tunku Scholar 2021

Tunku Scholar Aisyah Maisarah, a biotechnology student and entrepreneur, led the revitalization and upgrade of Ladang Mini ISB at Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

This ambitious project aimed to pioneer agritourism within the university, providing a platform for biotechnology students to apply their classroom knowledge while raising public awareness of biotechnology's relevance in agriculture. The impact of the project was profound. The farm's visibility increased significantly, becoming a hub for educational and community engagement activities. With over 500 visitors and revenue exceeding RM 2000, the project transformed from a research-focused facility into an interactive learning environment. For more information and visit enquiries, follow the official Instagram page @ladangmini_isb_um.