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Succeeding in Society: 

FutureReady today.
Succeed  tomorrow. 

The FutureReady programme is a joint collaboration between YTAR and Accenture Malaysia designed to equip university students from under-represented communities with futureproof skills, knowledge and experience to thrive in today’s competitive graduate job market.


Applications Period

25 April - 16 June 2023

Programme Duration

July - September 2023

FutureReady 3.0

FR 3.0 is an intensive 3 month programme that immerses you into 3 fully-physical workshop camps aimed at drawing out the futureproof version of yourself. During these 3 months, you can expect to:


Learn how to analyse, innovate, communicate and problem-solve like a Knowledge Worker.


Attend workshops and camps to learn, share and network with fellow students and professionals.


Grab the chance to win prizes, and receive coaching and career opportunities with the organisers.



We are looking for:


Malaysian students pursuing an undergraduate degree in a local public or private university recognised by MQA.

Students with a CGPA of 3.0 and above with an above intermediate English proficiency.

Students hailing from the B40 community

(household income of RM4,850 or lower).

Priority will be given to unemployed graduates and penultimate/final-year students.

The whole programme will be conducted in English.

Open to all degrees except Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry.

How to Apply

Stage 1

Fill up the application form here.

Stage 2

Answer two questions in the form.

Stage 3

You will receive a confirmation email from us if you are selected.

Join the next cohort!

Impact of



University Students



Public and
private universities



Students from B40 households


Total value of education grants awarded to FutureReady program participants

FutureReady Voices

Hear from our FutureReady alumni and what they have to say about the programme!

It all starts with your mindset. If you are somebody who is keen to learn, keen for new experiences, especially in the professional industry, seeking discomfort should be your thought process going into the programme.


Keep learning, keep seeking discomfort, and have a growth mindset!

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Darren Pang

FR2.0 Alumni

I enjoyed the content a lot! It was from a business perspective which I have never had the chance to get exposed to. 

I enjoyed learning about how organisations work, how pitching works and learned at least a little on how life will be like in the corporate world.


Aysha Fateeha

FR2.0 Alumni

I graduated in August 2022 and started applying for jobs but then, I realised that I had no experience at all and the job market was pretty dry. I was unable to find any positions. Then, I was recommended to join FutureReady and decided to give it a shot. My goal was to use this opportunity to be productive by further developing my professional and soft skills. Another key reason was since this programme was run in collaboration with Accenture, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get an understanding of the role of being a consultant.


Blake Tan

FR1.0 Alumni

Create More Nation Builders.
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Together, we can empower and support a new generation of Malaysian leaders in shaping a better future for themselves and for all communities as a whole.


Become A

A sponsorship of RM120,000 allows a Tunku Scholar to achieve their educational dreams and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Make A

Support a Scholar’s higher education journey or stretch your ringgit further by contributing to our endownment fund.

With Us

Accelerate the development of our Scholars by providing personal development, career and networking opportunities.

Should you and/or your organisation be interested in partnership opportunities with the Foundation, you may speak to us here:

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