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Accessing higher education is one thing, 
thriving is another . 

The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship is an undergraduate degree scholarship open to high-potential, deserving students with a strong ambition to contribute to the development of Malaysia.

As the Scholarship focuses on holistic development and value-based excellence in experience, recipients of the Scholarship—Tunku Scholars—will undergo a 2-year leadership programme to initiate change as young leaders in their communities and their country.

Our Pillars
Financial Support

The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship

The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship is anchored and built on three pillars:



The Scholarship focuses on identifying, selecting and empowering students from diverse backgrounds in Malaysia, particularly those from underrepresented communities to foster a united community of Tunku Scholars. 


Comprehensive Allowance

The Scholarship provides full coverage of tuition fees, monthly and yearly allowances to reduce barriers and ensure students thrive in university.

Holistic Development

Scholars will undergo a 2-year leadership development programme to prepare them as ambassadors of our values and to serve Malaysia.

Financial Support

The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship provides elaborate financial support in the following areas:

  University Fees   

Full sponsorship of tuition fees in any MQA-accredited public or private university in Malaysia. 

Living allowance will be provided monthly throughout the scholarship.

   Monthly Allowance   

  Annual Allowance   

Professional development allowance for Scholars’ self-improvement. This fund can also be utilised for community projects (see below). Stationery and book allowances are also provided.

To cover other forms of expenses such as laptop purchase, thesis cost, formal clothes or flights (for flights between East and West Malaysia only).

   One-Off Allowance   

Leadership Development

At the Foundation, we seek to empower Tunku Scholars who will become impactful changemakers in society. The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship's Leadership Development Programme consists of three core focus which includes: 

Ethics & Values

Inculcating values inspired by Tunku in order to build honourable and compassionate leaders- personally and professionally.

Community Leadership

The development of service-mindedness to give back to the community in an impactful manner.  


The nurturing of our Scholar's talent and skillsets into diverse career pathways to succeed in the workforce.

All recipients of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship will undergo a 2-year leadership development programme:


Scholars will attend camps and workshops to hone their leadership skills, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

Leadership Development Programme

Eligibility Requirements

General Criteria

The  scholarship is open to both prospective and current students of any MQA-accredited course in a public or private university in Malaysia. 

For students who have yet to start their degree: Will complete your
pre-university studies and start your degree latest by March 2025.

For students enrolled in a degree programme: Have at least two years left to complete your studies.

Applicants who have just finished their pre-university programme will be given a conditional offer subject to them receiving an offer to study at a MQA-recognised local university (public or private).

Priority will be given to candidates who:

Have overcome or are currently overcoming difficult life challenges.

Demonstrate leadership potential and embody YTAR's values. 

Candidates from challenging backgrounds, such as Persons with Disabilities (PWD), candidates from rural communities and candidates from families with an income of below RM4,850 a month.

Applications for the 2024 Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship are now closed closed.
and the 2025 Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship will open on 8 February 2025.

Application Process 

Application Form

Submit the scholarship application form before the 21st of  April 2024, 11.59 p.m.

Interview & Assessment

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for a virtual interview and assessment. 

Awarding of Scholarship 

Shortlisted candidates will receive a scholarship offer letter and embark on their scholarship journey. 

If you have a question which hasn’t been answered,
you may find the below Frequently Asked Questions page helpful. 

Partner Scholarships

Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship applicants can apply for our scholarships in collaboration with our esteemed corporate and private university partners. The partner scholarships include: 

Logo - AHAM Capital AM.png

The AHAM - YTAR Scholarship is in partnership with AHAM Asset Management Berhad to support young leaders from local public universities in selected courses. 


The Towards Inclusion and Equity (TIE) - YTAR Scholarship is in partnership with the Asia Philanthropy Circle to support students from local public universities.


The Yayasan Universiti Multimedia (YUM) - YTAR Scholarship support students to study at Multimedia University. 

download (1).png

The Yayasan Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (YUTP) - YTAR Scholarship support students interested to study at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. 


The University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) - YTAR Scholarship support students interested to study at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. 

The Heriot-Watt University Malaysia (HWUM) - YTAR Scholarship support students interested to study at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia. 


The Yayasan Management & Science University (YMSU) - YTAR Scholarship support students interested to study at Management & Science University.

Our Tunku Scholars

Hear from our past Tunku Scholars and what they have to say about the programme!

The Scholarship is so much more than a financial aid to pursue tertiary education. The Scholarship programme has allowed me to thrive in university and beyond with the holistic leadership development programme which is inclusive of personalised support and guidance as well as an access to a wide network of young Malaysian leaders.



2019 Tunku Scholar

The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship has allowed me to access higher education and thrive in it with the comprehensive allowances and support which has helped me unlock opportunities to develop my leadership potential and serve my community in Sabah. 

Copy of Merdeka Campaign Sarniezah.png


2020 Tunku Scholar

Coming from a low income household, I was unsure if a university degree was within my reach and was ready to work after pursuing my diploma. However, the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship made my dream a reality and I am one step closer to becoming a Software Engineer. 


Tan Wei Siang

2021 Tunku Scholar

Be The Next Tunku Scholar.

Create More Nation Builders.
With Us

Together, we can empower and support a new generation of Malaysian leaders in shaping a better future for themselves and for all communities as a whole.


Become A

A sponsorship of RM120,000 allows a Tunku Scholar to achieve their educational dreams and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Make A

Support a Scholar’s higher education journey or stretch your ringgit further by contributing to our endownment fund.

With Us

Accelerate the development of our Scholars by providing personal development, career and networking opportunities.

Should you and/or your organisation be interested in partnership opportunities with the Foundation, you may speak to us here:

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